ICSE Class 9 Biology Sample Paper for 2020-2021


Biology sample paper for class 9 ICSE students is provided here. The sample paper contains important questions from all the chapters in ICSE class 9 Biology book. This ICSE Class 9 Biology Sample Paper for 2020-2021 will help students, who are appearing for boards, to prepare well before the exams. The Biology sample paper will also infuse confidence in them to attempt the examinations.

Overview of ICSE Class 9 Biology Syllabus

Here is an overview of the chapters included in the syllabus of ICSE class 9 Biology. The updated syllabus for class 9 for the year 2021 has been released by the council’s official website.
  1. Basic Biology [ Cell, Tissue ]
  2. Flowering Plants [ Flower, Pollination, Fertilisation ]
  3. Plant Physiology [ Seeds, Respiration in plants ]
  4. Diversity in living organisms
  5. Human Anatomy and Physiology [ NutritionMovement and Locomotion, Skin, Respiratory System ]
  6. Health and Hygiene
  7. Waste generation and management

Exam Pattern for ICSE Class 9 Physics paper

The council has given the following exam pattern:

Total Marks: 100 (80 + 20)

There will be one paper of two hours duration of 80 marks 
and Internal Assessment of Practical Work carrying 20 marks. 

The paper will be divided into two sections.

Section I (40 marks) It is a compulsory section. It will contain short answer questions on the entire syllabus. 

Section II ( 40 marks) It will contain six questions. Candidates will be required to answer any four questions from the six.

ICSE Class 9 Biology Sample Paper for 2020-2021

Solve the sample paper within the stipulated time and check the solutions in your textbook or with your subject teachers. You can also download the ICSE Class 9 Biology Sample Paper for 2020-2021 in its Pdf form.

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