Relent meaning in English and Hindi

Word of the Day : Relent



Meaning of ‘relent’ in English:

to become less severe; to become compassionate.

Meaning of ‘relent’  in Hindi:

नरम पड़ना , कोमल होना , मृदु होना , दया करना, तरस खाना। 

Pronunciation of ‘relent’:


Synonym of ‘relent’:

acquiesce, be merciful, comply, die down, ease off, ebb, give in, soften

Antonym of ‘relent’:

harden, oppose, resist, counter, swell

Near-Homophone of ‘relent’:


Relent in a sentence:


1. The examiner refused entry to the latecomer, but relented later and let him give his exam.
2. The outbreak of corona seems to be relenting in few countries.


1. कोरोना के संकट को देखते हुए मालिक ने अपने कर्मचारियों पर नरमी  बरती और उन्हें पूरी तनख्वाह दी। 
२. शिक्षक ने छात्र को  देर से आने पर परीक्षा हॉल में प्रवेश नहीं करने दिया  पर बाद में मृदु होकर अनुमति दे दी। 

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