Rational Numbers Quiz / MCQ – Class 8 Maths


This online Quiz, or you can also call it Maths MCQs ( MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS), is based on 1st chapter of Class 8 maths- Rational Numbers. The chapter consists of concepts like: Whole numbers, Natural numbers, Integers, Additive inverse, Multiplicative inverse, Different properties of rational numbers, Addition-subtraction-multiplication-division of rational numbers. This online Maths quiz will have questions based on all these parts. It will help you know whether you have prepared your chapter properly. It will also enhance your confidence. So, are you ready to take the quiz?
Before taking the quiz if you want to go through the chapter again, here are the links to the video tutorials of this chapter, in which all types of sums are explained and solved.

Rational Numbers  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Rules of this online quiz:

  • This quiz has 10 multiple choice questions.
  • Each sum has 2 marks.
  • So maximum marks is 20.
  • There is no time limit.
  • You should be ready with a pen and copy in your hand in order to solve the sums.
  • The correct answer and explanation is provided at the end of this quiz.

Finally!! Here is your Quiz based on multiple choice questions. ALL THE BEST!

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