CBSE Class 6 Science Sample Paper for 2021


View and download the latest sample paper for class 6 Science for the year 2021. The CBSE Class 6 Science Sample Paper for 2021 will help the students to prepare themselves for the upcoming exams. This is the first sample paper which includes all the chapters of CBSE Class 6 Science. You can go through the paper provided below and can also download it to practice offline. 
Sample papers are very helpful for students and are considered as best buddies of students during exam time. By solving CBSE Class 6 Science sample paper, a student will be well acquainted with the format of the question papers and pattern of the questions asked. This way, he/she can prepare the full syllabus by solving a few sample papers.

Overview of Science Syllabus for CBSE Class 6 for 2020-2021

Below is an overview of the chapters included in the syllabus of CBSE NCERT book Class 6 Science.

  •      •  Chapter 1:  Food: Where Does It Come From?
    • Chapter 2:  Components of Food
    • Chapter 3:  Fibre to Fabric
    • Chapter 4:  Sorting Materials and Groups
    • Chapter 5:  Separation of Substances
    • Chapter 6:  Changes Around Us
    • Chapter 7:  Getting to Know Plants
    • Chapter 8:  Body Movement
    • Chapter 9:  The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings
    • Chapter 10:  Motion and Measurement of Distances
    • Chapter 11:  Light, Shadows and Reflections
    • Chapter 12:  Electricity and Circuits
    • Chapter 13:  Fun with Magnets
    • Chapter 14:  Water
    • Chapter 15:  Air Around Us
    • Chapter 16:  Garbage In, Garbage Out

Class 6 Science Sample Paper For 2021

This Science sample paper for CBSE class 6 has been prepared in accordance with the syllabus for the session 2020-2021given in NCERT. Remenber to follow the rules of the exams and time limit. Ask your Science teacher to check your solution. You can discuss the answers with fellow students in the comments section too. You can also download the PDF of Class 6 Science sample paper For 2021 for offline practice.


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