Download ICSE Class 8 Physics Sample Paper for 2021


The Brainbox Tutorials provides you with the latest sample paper of ICSE Class 8 Physics for the year 2021. The ICSE Class 8 Physics Sample Paper for 2021 will be very helpful for the students to prepare the syllabus for their upcoming exams. This is the first sample paper which includes all the chapters of ICSE Class 8 Physics. You can go through the paper provided below and can also download it for offline practice. 

Overview of  ICSE Class 8 Physics Syllabus for 2020-2021

Below is an overview of the chapters included in the syllabus of ICSE Class 8 Physics.

Chapter 1: Matter
Chapter 2: Physical Quantities and Measurement
Chapter 3: Force and Pressure
Chapter 4: Energy
Chapter 5: Light Energy
Chapter 6: Heat Transfer
Chapter 7: Sound
Chapter 8: Electricity

ICSE Class 8 Physics Sample Paper For 2021

This ICSE Class 8 Physics sample paper for 2021 has been prepared in accordance with the syllabus for the session 2020-2021 provided in the official website of the council, 

What is the correct way to Solve ICSE Class 8 Physics Sample Paper?

Every student must know the correct way to solve this ICSE Physics specimen paper for Class 8 to gain maximum benefit. Infact, every sample paper should be solved following this rule.


  1. First and foremost, you should be well prepared with the syllabus. 
  2. Go through all the important topics of each chapter from your book.
  3. Practise all the diagrams, formulas and important sums.
  4. Before attempting the sample paper, you should set an alarm to end the exam.
  5. Keep aside your textbook and notes. This is the test of your logical resoning and capability.
  6. The time limit of the exam should be same as in actual exams of your school.
  7. Solve the paper according to the instruction provided in the paper.
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How to Check the answers of sample papers?

You can open your textbook now and check the answers by yourself.
You can also ask your Physics teacher to check your solution. 
You can also ask your Physics teacher to answer the questions which you  have not understood/found. 
You can discuss the answers with fellow students in the comments section too. 
Below is the Physics sample paper for ICSE Class 8. You can also download the PDF of ICSE Class 8 Physics sample paper For 2021 for offline practice. Best of luck.



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