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Get the latest ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Sample Paper here. Maths sample papers are the best way to get oneself fully prepared for the upcoming board exams. This ICSE Mathematics test paper comprises important sums from all the chapters. The sample paper is a collection of assembled sums from the top ICSE schools of India.

Overview of the Latest Syllabus of ICSE Class 10 Mathematics

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has updated the Class 10 Mathematics syllabus for the year 2021. Here is an overview of the chapters included in the syllabus for Class 10 Board exams.

Chapter 1: GST – Goods and Services Tax
Chapter 2: Banking
Chapter 3: Shares and Dividends (excluded from 2021)
Chapter 4: Linear Inequations
Chapter 5: Quadratic Equations in One Variable
Chapter 6: Factorisation
Chapter 7: Ratio and Proportion                                     

Chapter 8: Matrices
Chapter 9: Arithmetic Progression ( G.P. excluded from 2021)
Chapter 10: Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 11: Similarity
Chapter 12: Locus (excluded from 2021 syllabus)
Chapter 13: Circles

Chapter 14: Constructions
Chapter 15: Mensuration
Chapter 16: Trigonometry (complementary angles excluded from 2021 syllabus)
Chapter 17: Measures of Central Tendency
Chapter 18: Probability
You can see the full syllabus in the official website.

Exam Pattern for ICSE Class 10 Mathematics paper

The council has prescribed following pattern for the Mathematics examination.
Full marks of exam is 100 (80 + 20)
There will be a 80 marks question paper for the duration of two and a half hours.
20 marks is based on the internal assessment.
The 80 marks question paper will be divided into two sections.

Section I (40 marks) :

It will consist of 4 compulsory questions from all the chapters.

Section II (40 marks) :

It will consist of seven questions from which students will have to attempt any four questions.
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ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Sample Paper for 2020-2021

Below is the sample paper for ICSE Maths class 10. Go ahead and solve the sums with full concentration. You can check the answers with your teachers or can discuss here with your fellow students in the comment box.



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