Layman Meaning in English and Hindi

Word of the Day : Layman Form: noun Meaning of ‘layman’ in English: 1. A person without specialised knowledge about a subject. 2. A person who is not a member of the clergy. Meaning of ‘layman’  in Hindi:  साधारण व्यक्ति, सामान्य जन, अविज्ञ जन Pronunciation of ‘layman’: ley-muhn Synonym of ‘layman’: non professional, amateur, novice, outsider, … Read more

Accede Meaning In English and Hindi

Word of the Day : Accede Form: Verb Meaning of ‘accede’ in English: to give approval or consent; to agree to something. Meaning of ‘accede’  in Hindi: स्वीकार करना, मान लेना, कार्य-भार संभालना ,झुक जाना  Pronunciation of ‘accede’: ak-seed Synonym of ‘accede’: accept, allow, assent, permit, yield, comply, let, okay, agree, admit Antonym of ‘accede’: deny, refuse, denounce Homophone of ‘accede’: … Read more

Class 6 Maths Quiz Knowing Our Numbers MCQ

Specially designed for grade 6 students, this online maths quiz aims at clearing the concept of the chapter-” knowing our numbers“. The quiz is based on the first chapter of class 6 Maths– ‘Knowing our numbers’. The base of mathematics is numbers. Any mathematical calculation needs knowledge of the behaviour of different types of numbers. … Read more

Class 7 Maths Test Chapter Integers

Online maths tests are not only fun but also educative and this one is no exception. This online maths test has specially been designed for the students studying in class 7. The test comprises 10 multiple choice based questions on the first chapter of class 7 – Integers.Before attempting the test let’s have a quick overview … Read more

51 Best Motivational Quotes For Students To Inspire Them

Motivation! It is not just a word but a dose of life to the uninspired. Motivation is needed in every phase of our lives. Whether in academics or relationships or in setting and achieving goals, everyone needs motivation. However, when it comes to students like you, there are lots of aspects of a student’s life … Read more