51 Best Motivational Quotes For Students To Inspire Them

Motivation! It is not just a word but a dose of life to the uninspired. Motivation is needed in every phase of our lives. Whether in academics or relationships or in setting and achieving goals, everyone needs motivation. However, when it comes to students like you, there are lots of aspects of a student’s life … Read more

Simultaneous Linear Equations ICSE Class 9 Maths MCQ

Simultaneous Linear Equations have two equations each with two variables and we have to find out the value of both the variables by solving the two equations simultaneously. This Maths quiz is based on this particular concept. This online Maths quiz will have a few multiple-choice questions. You are advised to take a separate notebook … Read more

Number System Class 9 Chapter 1 Quiz / Multiple Choice Questions

This Maths quiz is based on Class 9 Chapter-1. The name of the chapter is Number System / Rational and Irrational Numbers. The chapter contains many sums and rules which clearly explain the difference between Rational and Irrational numbers. The main concepts included in this online quiz or multiple choice based questions are: Repeating, non-repeating … Read more

Exponents Class 8 Maths Online Quiz/MCQ

Exponents are also known as Indices. In general sense we can call them ‘Powers’ to understand it easily. This online quiz from the online Maths quiz series comprises multiple choice questions on the chapter Exponents. This quiz will help you remember the concepts, laws and rules of exponents. It will also increase your speed and … Read more

Squares And Square Roots Quiz/MCQ – Class 8 Maths

This Maths online Quiz is for the chapter Squares and Square roots of Class 8 of both ICSE and CBSE syllabus. If you have completed your Chapter, then you should tale a test yourself to see whether you have properly understood the concept of squares and square roots. Below is the online maths quiz containing … Read more